Student Book Reviews

Students, did you just read "the best book ever"? Did you discover a poem that expressed your thoughts exactly? Maybe you read a short story that struck a chord because of content, word choice, or originality. Alternatively, did you turn the last page of something feeling disappointed and underwhelmed? I enjoy hearing your opinions when we talk in the library; if you'd like to share your insights with others, the Library Media Center welcomes Student Book Reviews.

Guidelines for Submitting Material
  • Student Book Reviews and "Your Words" should be submitted only by students; any district patron may submit recommendations.
  • All submissions must include writer's name. (Work will be posted as "Anonymous" upon request.)
  • Reviews, "Your Words," and recommendations may be any length but are subject to editing.
  • For reviews and recommendations, please include the minimum: title of the work, author, subject matter, and top 3 qualities of the work.
  • All work should be submitted directly to Mrs. Burnett via hard copy or email.
  • All work will be subject to monitoring and RCHS reserves the right to withhold publication for any reason.